Thursday, October 23, 2008

OLO iPhone-powered netbook isn’t real, might never be

A few weeks ago a concept design for an iPhone-powered netbook started making the rounds. The OLO Computer concept would basically turn an iPhone into a netbook by allowing you to dock the phone in a larger chassis and use the phone as a touchpad while using a full sized keyboard and a larger screen.

The screen clearly shows a full version of OS X, while the iPhone only runs a stripped down version of the operating system. And that left some people scratching their heads wondering how this thing is supposed to work. The answer is simple. OLO doesn’t know either. This design is just a concept, and the company doesn’t build computers. Rather, it’s looking for partners who might be able to turn the mockup into reality.

In other words, it might never happen.

So while Steve Jobs may consider the iPhone Apple’s entry into the netbook space, it doesn’t looke like the OLO Computer will be dressing the iPhone in more traditional garb anytime soon.

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