Thursday, July 17, 2008

400 Gigabytes for your Laptop - Toshiba

Toshiba's storage division is gearing up for the holiday season with a line of 400-Gbyte 2.5-inch disk drives.

Toshiba said that the 5,400-RPM MK4058GSX line, with capacities up to 400 GB, will begin shipping in September, in time for OEMs to build them into laptops they can sell in time for the holidays. The company also announced the MKxx54GSY family, a line of 7,200-RPM drives that will begin shipping in August.

Toshiba claimed that the new 5,400, 400-Gbyte drives are nearly inaudible, at 2.5 bels for both idle and operating modes. Toshiba specified the drive's power consumption at 0.0015 watts per gigabyte, which would make a 400-Gbyte drive consume 0.6 watts. Toshiba believes OEMs interested in quiet video playback will purchase the new drives.

The 7,200-RPM MKxx54GSY family runs at between 2.5 to 2.8 bels in operating mode, depending upon the size of the drive. Power consumption ranges from 0.0028 W/GB to 0.01113 W/GB.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pioneer develops 400GB blue laser disc

Pioneer has developed an optical disc that can hold up to 400GB of data, easily surpassing previously announced prototypes (see "A battle brews between blue-laser optical disk and tape").

The new disc manages to pack 16 layers, each with a 25GB capacity, into a conventional 12-centimeter diameter optical disc. The new discs are similar to Blu-ray Disc technology and slight changes to the hardware on a Blu-ray drive would allow the new Pioneer discs to be used on one.

Pioneer doesn't have any plans to commercially produce the disc but is looking to work with disc manufacturers that would make it themselves. The technology is about ready to enter commercialization, said Michiko Kadoi, a spokeswoman for Pioneer Corp. in Tokyo.

A one-sided Blu-ray Disc has 25GB of capacity, far less than the Pioneer disc.

Currently, dual-layer 50GB discs are the highest capacity discs available commercially. Various companies have worked on higher capacity discs and TDK Corp. previously announced development of a 6-layer disc with 150GB capacity, but that has yet to reach the market.

Getting a clear signal from each recording layer has been a stumbling block for higher capacity discs with more layers, but Pioneer said it has managed to solve this problem by employing technology it developed for DVDs. The new disc has a structure that reduces interference from adjacent layers and so accurate playback is possible from all 16 layers, the company said.

The initial prototype is a read-only disc but the same technology is also applicable to recordable discs.

A current 50GB Blu-ray Disc can store about six hours of digital high-definition TV so the higher capacity discs, if commercialized, would be able to expand this to 48 hours.

Pioneer plans to detail the technology at the Joint International Symposium on Optical Memory and Optical Data Storage 2008 that will be held in Hawaii from July 13 to July 17.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Microsoft Releases Free Customization Pack for Office Accounting 2008

Partner Customization Pack for Office Accounting 2008 provides a guide on how you can create a customized version of Microsoft Office Accounting that includes your company brand and exposes your products and services to your customers. Without writing any code, you use a customized XML branding file (Branding.xml) to modify the Office Accounting default user interface. After you customize the branding file, you create a setup package and distribute your co-branded version Office Accounting to your customers. You can also use the Office Accounting services infrastructure to create services, which interact with the Office Accounting client.

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